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No credit card required.
All the help and tools you need to succeed online.
Free Online Store
Secure Hosting
Free SSL Security
Payment Gateways
Awesome Themes
Auto Multilingual
Auto Multi-Currency

Secure • Fast • Converting


No pressure

Test our Online Store builder under free plan as long you like.

No contract required

Monthly contracts make it easy. Continue free or Cancel and switch to free.

No loss of effort

Free plans keep your effort on store building live forever.

No expertise needed

Simple interface.Few clicks and free templates get you all thats needed.

Online Store Builder

Get online in under an hour.

You don’t need to know how to code or design to build an amazing online store. With our store Builder, we’ve done all the technical stuff for you. Just tell us your industry or idea and you’re halfway there (seriously).

Brand Building

Build on your success.

At Hipkart we provide you with tools not to just sell but to build a brand that sells more. Customers are nine times more likely to choose a business with a branded look and store with own mobile app.

Converting Platform

Migrate for better conversion.

Already have an online store ? Give it the market it deserves. With industry-leading best converting designs hosted on secure servers, your online business couldn’t ask for more and all for free.

Payments Setup

Total Control on Money.

Multiple Choices of Payment gateways & providers, connect and get money directly. We believe no one should put their hands in your wallet. Your customer pays directly to your payment provider and then payment provider directly pays to you.

Seo & Pre-Translation

Language doesn’t matter

Hipkart is the only platform in the world which lets you build your store on your language but customers see it in their own language and currency. We pre-translate your store in multiple languages for better sales and seo

Trust built in

SSL Certificate

Earn trust – A Wildcard SSL Certificate shows the world your site is safe and bumps you higher on Google.

Search Engine Optimization

My Webstore helps improve your search engine ranking so more people will find you. Learn more about SEO with tutorials so you can optimize even further for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Back up & restore

Edit your webstore without worrying—you can always undo changes. Multiple backup or alternative versions of your webstore can be archived for you to switch between versions, such as to promote time-sensitive campaigns.

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Set up your store, pick a plan later

Flat Plans Pricing - All plans are bundled with rich features, no additional apps needed.

COVID-19 alert

We care for you, Looking at the global situation we want to support everyone who comes on our platform. You need to pay only first month $19 after Free Trial, if you choose Basic Hipkart or Hipkart plan and then free till the COVID 19 situation get better, no other monthly charges for next 3 months.


Basic HipKart

All the basics for starting a new business


Everything you need for a growing business

Advanced HipKart

Advanced features for scaling your business

Monthly price
USD $29 /mo
USD $79 /mo
USD $299 /mo
$19 $87 Your Saving: $68
$19 $237 Your Saving: $218
$19 $897 Your Saving: $878
Online Store
Includes ecommerce website and blog.
Unlimited products
Staff accounts
2 5 15
Live Chat
Chat with your customers on your store on HipKarts mobile app.
24/7 email support
Sales channels
Sell on online marketplaces and social media. Channel availability varies by country.
Discount codes
Free SSL certificate
Abandoned cart recovery
Direct Checkouts Link
Order Tracking Update
Gift cards
In-Built Affiliate Reporting Tool
Professional reports
Advance SEO - FREE Effortless & Fully Automatic. Only Platform in the world to offer an AI powered Automatic SEO feature. It pre-translates the content in multiple languages giving an advantage to build multilingual SEO.
Auto PreTranslation Content, Product Details, Pages, About Us Page.
30+ Global Languages
5 10 30
Auto PreTranslation SEO content.
Meta Tag, Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions, Links & HashTags
Automatic Currency Conversion.
160 Customer Currencies supported.
Dropshipping in-Built
Niche & General Products
Import dropshipping products from kart.supply
Auto Fulfillment
Fulfillment using kart.supply chrome extension.
Automatic Order Tracking
Automatically send email to customers with order custom tracking url and tracking number.
Advance Email Marketing No need to of 3-party expensive services. Manage your email marketing campaigns under the same hood more effectively with better insight of conversion using inbuilt analytics tool. Tools make it easy to sell more and send offers that matter to your prospective customers, without overwhelming them with ones that don’t.
Email Templates & Easy Block Editor.
Multiple funnels & Mailing list.
Campaign segmentation tools.
- -
Fraud analysis -Via your payment provers
Additional fees using all payment providers.
0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Print On Demand (POD)
Print on demand t-shirts, apparel,cups and more.
In-Built Print on demand and order fulfillment
Booster Elements
Collection Cross Sell
Product UpSell Popup
Social proof sales notification
Landing Page Builder Create & Build unlimited stunning high conversion landing pages using landing page block editor and templates.
Landing Pages templates
Lead generation
Traffic Builder The only platform to offer traffic building feature through its marketplace like products discovery system which helps in reduction of the bounce rate by showcasing neighboring stores products helping all to convert better. This feature is so popular stores have claimed an increase of sales and reduction in marketing spend.
HipKart Product Discovery
Custom Product Discovery
You can select and choose between stores, may it be yours, your partners or friends and affiliates.
Multi Domains (With Free SSL)
You may add more than one domain to your store or landing page to create more funnels.
Geo Redirection
You can redirect your store to another store or another domain of the same store based on country.
e.g: Redirect traffic from a specific country to the store of your partner or reseller of that country.
- -
Premium Brand Building Having a native mobile app of your store makes your business a premium brand. Now You can have your own custom branded native Android & iOS app for your store without spending a fortune.
+$45/month +$35/month +$19/month
+$29/month +$19/month FREE

Enterprise-grade solutions for high volume merchants, and large businesses.

Contact support to get a quote

Hipkart Lite

Start selling with HipKart Lite simply add products, attach a domain to accept credit card payments for FREE with no monthly cost. HipKart collects sales taxes in states where it is required by law. Stated prices do not include these taxes.

Signup Hipkart Lite

Set up your store, pick a plan later

Hipkart Guides

We love to help.

Still not sure what to sell?
Let us help you.
We’re happy to help,
even if you’re not a
seller yet.

Hipkart Guides

We love to help.

Still not sure what to sell? Let us help you.
We’re happy to help, even if you’re not a seller yet.

Hipkart Guides

We love to help.

Still not sure what to sell? Let us help you.
We’re happy to help, even if you’re not a seller yet.

We’re here 24/7/365. Support anytime.

(646) 503-1263

We’re here 24/7/365. Support anytime.

(646) 503-1263

We’re here 24/7/365. Support anytime. (646) 503-1263

Let’s build your business
Let’s build your business

91,000 + businesses last year alone,
Setup their business on our global E-commerce platform to get their business online.


You are giving so much free so why are people still paying Shopify?

Yes we are giving so much for free and that is why people who get to know about us choose us, Good example is most people who finish their 14 days trial on Shopify finally come back to us or many other who after 2-3 months on Shopify move to us. Chances are if you don’t open your store today we will see you soon on Hipkart.

I am on Shopify can I open another store on Hipkart?

Yes we have many people who open their second store on Hipkart and most who completely shift from Shopify looking at the great advantages and saving they get on Hipkart compared to expensive and paid Shopify.

How can I moved my store from Shopify?

Just signUp for your free store, when we say free its free for life not a 14 days trial without option to sell. And then use import tools to import your products, its that simple.

As Hipkart is free, then it must be controlling payments of my sales, right?

:) No ! Most people have that preconceived notions. That’s a false assumptions Hipkart is transparent, we believe “ Your Store, Your Products, Your Sales, Your Profit”. The truth is buyer pays directly to your payment gateway we have no control or access . There are many choices PayPal, PayKloud, 2Checkout, Stripe, Authorize.net, InstaMojo and many more

Can I have my own domain name to my store what do I pay for that?

Yes offcourse you can have any domain name that you have registered with your domain registrar and point it to HipKloud DNS for free without any charges. If you don’t have one you can register with GoDaddy , Namecheap or any other registrar and point it to your store on Hipkart.

How much a store theme template cost on Hipkart?

Themes are free and you can create a beautiful theme for your store easily by choosing a template and then editing it to your needs using our super easy click and save template editor. And if you have something very specific that you can find just ask Support and they will help you.

How many products can I add?

As mentioned in our comparison chart in pricing section, there are no limit you can add unlimited of your products or dropshipping products to store on Hipkart.

How do I market my store and products on Hipkart?

Hipkart is discovery network it helps to get your products discovered wordwide via its network of online real estates, But to kickstart your sales its important you market your store just like on any other platform for that we have inbuilt AI driven marketing tool at free for cost. Helping you to market on Facebook and more.

A good friend told me that Hipkart is helping underprivileged in Africa & Asia by offering extras to help them to build their income stream, I am touched by this how can I contribute to this HipKart’s great initiative?

We are only the world’s largest free e-commerce ecosystem not an NGO so we cant accept any financial contributions but we thank you for your noble and kind thoughts . If you really want to help us, help us by clicking the link below to share us with your loved ones and friends.

Try Hipkart for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business.

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